Natural Disaster Solutions

In November 2005, Affect - the Centre for Affective Design Research presented a two day workshop: Natural Disaster Solutions - when the environment kicks back, in Christchurch.


On day one, Grant Davidson (of Philips Design) introduced the workshop. A branstorming session was held around scenarios and mind mapping was done to structure ideas and define areas of interest. Evaluation criteria were generated and concepts were developed, refined, evaluated and then presented. At the end of the first day a public presentation was given by Grant Davidson and Barry Pett (of Ludowici Plastics).


On day two, Rodney Adank and Anders Warell did an introduction and presented a follow-up of Day one. Grant Davidson provided inspiration before designs were developed in groups paying attention to specific design needs. Concepts were evaluated and Five Senses testing was conducted. Concepts were presented, the workshop was evaluated and certificates were awarded to participants.




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